First Class Nails Spa Salon Biddeford, MEAt  First Class Nail  we take pride in providing the most pristine environment for our clients and we take cleanliness seriously.  We take every possible step to eliminate bacteria. Visiting our spa is a clean and worry-free joy!
Implement Sterilization
We use autoclaves for all of our implements are sterilization chambers that hospitals and dentists use to sterilize all metal tools.  The tools are then packaged in a sterilization pouch.  We use a brand new sterilized pouch for each client
Spa Chairs
We use spa disinfection spay to clean after each customer's use.Our pedicure chairs have the uv light system that can kill 99.9% germ.

Latex/ Vinyl Gloves
Nail Spa Clinique manicurist technicians all use fresh latex gloves to ensure you won’t have unwanted germs during pedicure procedures. Our technicians are required to wear gloves during pedicures and this helps avoid the spread of bacteria. During manicures our technicians will also wear gloves if requested